We welcome all people regardless of race, color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, sex, national origin, and veteran status. 

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Your Compassionate Counselor

Thank you so much for visiting my website! I am so happy to introduce to you the counseling services that will change and enhance your life. But first, let me share with you a little about myself so that you can become familiar with the person who you will be working closely with you during your counseling and recovery journey.

I was raised by parents who had a strong and faithful walk with their spiritual Higher Power. From their belief systems, my parents taught me the importance of loving others and accepting others for who they are and not expecting anything in return for the love and kindness I give.

Despite the love, protection, and guidance my parents provided to me, I had some rough moments in my life called trauma. It took many years, many tears, sleepless nights, prayers, and hours of counseling to produce this beautiful creation that stands before you. The open wounds from my complex trauma that ached deeply in my soul have scarred over. The scars remind me of how triumphant I am. The scars remind of the people who loved and supported me through my rough moments. And, the scars remind of the lessons learned. 

So, that is why I call myself the compassionate counselor. I understand the frustrations you feel when you are wrestling with issues and situations that you have attempted to resolve on your own but without much success. I understand the anxieties you feel when you have to reach out for help thinking to yourself that " this ain't gonna work."  And more importantly, I know what it feels like to look at yourself finally in the mirror and boldly proclaim to yourself  without a doubt, "I love you and I will never abandon you again."  This is where I want to help  you to reach which is an unbreakable and unbending self love. Compassionate counseling will guide you to a place within yourself where you know, acknowledge, and embrace your strengths, gifts, talents, and beauty that only you possess. 

Many Years of Dedicated Experience

For 20 years, I have served my community by providing quality and exceptional mental health and substance abuse  counseling that have changed the lives of families, children, adults, and couples for the better. As a licensed clinical mental health counselor, I strongly believe that the people who come to see me are resilient, survivors, and courageous. The answers to your troubles are hidden within you and these answers are covered by years of hurt, disappointment, sadness, and anger. It is my job and duty to you to uncover and to push away the years of emotional debris so that you can see the answers and harness them for your growth and healing. It will take days, weeks, and even months to help with discovering the answers within you but the freedom you will feel and experience will be worth it. 

In order to clear away the emotional debris so that you can see clearly, I use various counseling strategies and techniques including but not limited to Trauma Informed Care, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, Relapse Prevention Therapy, and EMDR (eye movement desensitization reprocessing). 

My Hope for You

Every person, couple, and family who I serve through counseling is important to me and I care about your wellbeing, healing, growth, and success. I care about you and it is my hope that you will start caring and believing in yourself as much as I do. 

My hope for you is...

  • To increase your self compassion.

  • To learn how to forgive yourself.

  • To recognize the beauty, strength, talents, and gifts that are within you.

  • To make better decisions that are aligned with your values.

  • To be emotionally and physically sober.

  • To have relationships that are healthy and respect boundaries.

  • To live courageously by taking healthy risks to improve yourself. 

  • To give to others the love and the knowledge you have gained about yourself through counseling. 

  • To live a life that is worth living.