Your Compassionate Counselor

As a therapist, I believe strongly in teaching and demonstrating to people  with how to show compassion to  their suffering, trauma, and other emotional pain. Meaning, the emotional pain, poor decisions, guilt and shame require our attention, care, and forgiveness. Showing yourself compassion is not excusing or minimizing your mistakes,  decisions, or events that were out of your control.  But, it is a deep exploration  and understanding of the factors that may have contributed to your  current condition. Once an issue is viewed from a more compassionate angle, healthy ways to deal with and to manage  these issues can be discovered.  Taking care of one's emotional, mental, and spiritual  needs may prevent engagement in unhealthy and toxic behaviors to numb or to avoid  feelings. 

Depending upon how you were  raised,  you may have been taught unintentionally to use abusive language toward yourself in order to motivate , to correct certain behaviors,  or to show yourself tough love. In most cases, harsh criticisms and judgments comes from your inner critic. When a  person's inner critic emerges, it  is trying to help the person to work through a problem. The presence of the inner critic can be so strong within the mind,  that it can diminish self compassion.  Therefore,  cultivating and harnessing self compassion will bring healing, kindness,  and forgiveness within your life and your relationships.

In order for me to be an effective therapist, I had to get in touch with the parts of me that were hurting and crying out for my attention and care. I had to do the work to replace my inner critics with more healing and forgiving messages.I had to stop what I was doing and invest in nurturing  and reparenting myself.  It wasn't easy and at times, the healing process was painful. But the rewards and the feeling of freedom from dysfunctional patterns of behaviors were worth it. 

My Hope for You

Every person, couple, and family who I serve through counseling is important to me and I care about your wellbeing, healing, growth, and success. I care about you and it is my hope that you will start caring and believing in yourself as much as I do. 

My hope for you is...

  • To increase your self compassion.

  • To learn how to forgive yourself.

  • To recognize the beauty, strength, talents, and gifts that are within you.

  • To make better decisions that are aligned with your values.

  • To be emotionally and physically sober.

  • To have relationships that are healthy and respect boundaries.

  • To live courageously by taking healthy risks to improve yourself. 

  • To give to others the love and the knowledge you have gained about yourself through counseling. 

  • To live a life that is worth living.