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Our mission is to help  individuals, couples, and families to successfully work through their issues that have come unexpectedly in their lives. These issues have the potential to  interfere with your peace and happiness and to stay way too long in your life.

The Issues of Life

Domestic violence, alcoholism, substance use, PTSD/trauma, dissatisfaction in relationships, anger, anxiety, parent-child conflicts, depression, communication problems, career changes, and toxic relationships are just a few of the issues of life that I have decades of experience with treating.  And from my experiences, I know very well that when the issues of life are denied, not address, and ignored, it will only lead to an accumulation of more issues, emotional pain, failed relationships, dissatisfaction with life, and other dysfunctions. 

You can stop the dysfunctional cycle and unhealthy patterns by reaching out and asking for help. We can stop the dysfunctional cycles and patterns by working together and by equipping you with skills, knowledge, and tools so that you can successfully work through and fix your issues. 

I understand that asking for help, entering counseling, and sharing your intimate story with a stranger can be intimidating and frightening. Therefore, we go at your pace  in a compassionate way while maintaining confidentiality and transparency in communication and decision making. 

There is no need to continue to suffer in silence. Pain and silence are familiar territories but these elements fuel and drive the unhealthy thoughts and perceptions that may be keeping you stuck in your issues. You can break the cycle. You can declare no more suffering in silence. You can speak up and ask for help because you matter. You can do this. You can. 

The H.O.W. of Counseling

Many people think about HOW can they get the most out of counseling and HOW should they approach counseling. It is very simple. In order to get the most out of counseling, you may want to adopt a Honest, Open, and Willing approach. Be HONEST about what you are feeling, thinking, and experiencing. Be OPEN to suggestions, new behaviors, and other changes that will help you to reach your goals. And most importantly, be WILLING to listen, be willing to learn how to trust yourself, and be willing to take healthy risks,

I do not take it lightly that you are willing to trust and believe in me to be your professional helper. My objectives as your therapist are to guide, to empower, and to support you as you work through the issues of life that may be creating conflicts in your relationships, leading you to excessively use alcohol, drugs, or food to self soothe, interrupting your sleep, affecting your appetite, making you feel bad about yourself, causing a decline in your physical health, and causing you problems on your job.

I want to extend my hand to you and offer you my services. With over 20 years as a professional counselor, I have helped individuals, couples, and families who have entered counseling weighed down in grief, guilt, anxiety, and shame but they leave the session feeling heard, seen, empowered, and hopeful. Counseling will work if you work it!

Your Compassionate Counselor

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We welcome all people regardless of race, color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, sex, national origin, and veteran status. 

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